Stowarzyszenie Artystyczne MÓZG
Stowarzyszenie Artystyczne MÓZG

The supreme goal of every human being's life is making efforts to understand
- understand people with whom we mix on daily basis,
understand people who we meet accidentally,
understand phenomena taking place around us
- and what results from this - understand ourselves as part ot the universe.

Being focused and working with this awareness in mind
give a much greater chance of a proper,
that is arranged in harmony with nature, existence.

Assuming that every human is part of the Wholeness,
it is hard to imagine a complete existence of an individual without understanding of this Wholeness.

There are obviously many routes of realization of the idea of 'getting to know'
- everyone should find his own way.

By organizing concerts,
philosophical soirees,
film screenings
and performances of people representing various cultures,
various approaches to life, various sets of experience a genuine development
of the people participating in these events is taking place.