Stowarzyszenie Artystyczne MÓZG
The Artistic Association "Mozg" - Statute

Paragraph 8 - The basic aims of the Association


1. Carrying on with the activities the people associated with the Factory of Sculptures Talking to Each Other have been doing so far.

2. Making arrangements for artistic, cultural and educational activities.

3. Bringing together people interested in creating, presenting and promoting new ideas and new forms of creativity as well as an artistic and cultural expression.

4. Establishing in Bydgoszcz an active centre and initiating artistic circles which:

a) will provide space for creating, presenting and confronting innovative efforts of artists from our own and other countries;

b) will be open to various creative approaches;

c) will present achievements of an avant-garde, classic and a 'classic' of an avant-garde of Polish and world art;

d) will document current activities;

e) will co-operate with other artistic centres and artistic circles home and abroad;

f) will promote bringing artistic activities to fruition;

g) will shape the present-day artistic life of the public.

5. Supporting members of the Association in realization of their artistic undertakings.